Monday, 15 July 2013

A Sailor in Stockers!

Ahoy Sailors!

About a year ago Sailor Sam was off exploring and collecting special nautical items from all over Europe. 

One city that had a huge infulence on the latest range of small sailor wear was......... Stockholm in Sweden!

Stockholm strolling
I was fortunate enough to explore the city with a good friend- an amazing fellow designer/producer and new stunning mummy and her gorgeous baby boy. It was so easy to be inspired wherever you looked in Stockholm, not only was there a heap of nautical infulence the simple clean and fresh aesthetics was non stop eye candy. Also as a plus English is spoken all over the city!

Prints and fabrics were to die for! Check out below some mega cute linen print that was found in PUB which went on to become part of some Nautical Nursery items (paired with some 1950's vintage trim found in Paris) Other items made with this linen are currently in Small Sailors Nurseries all over Australia! Sailor Sam designs are all about bringing together hand picked fabrics, trims and buttons from all over the world to create something as special and unique as the child they are made for.

PUB- one of the coolest department stores I've ever seen!
Look them up if you are in Sweden

Stockholm style has heavily influenced the look of the new Sung Sailor winter range and some exciting new nautical Nursery items that are in the works at Sailor Sam HQ. A heap of prints are being experimented with and introduced into the range after being inspired in this beautiful city.

Check out some more snaps from the Stockers Exploring.

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sailor Sam- Sailor Style with a story

Ahoy Sailors!

Welcome to the Sailor Sam Blog. This is created to share the inspiration and collaboration that goes on behind the scenes to create sea worthy once off Sailor wear.

Sailor Sam began nearly 4 years ago when a close friend of mine was having a baby boy- I wanted to give her something special and unique but I could not find anything. 

I am trained and work as a Freelance Production Designer, so I decided to use my skills to create unique and individual clothing for baby/ toddler boys (which later included Sailor Girl and Nautical Nursery too!)

Sailor Sam combines period research and detailing, theatrical flair and a specific colour palette. Every item that goes into a Sailor Sam piece has been hand chosen and often times found hidden in vintage markets all over the globe. Mixing contemporary and vintage fabrics/trims and buttons with love- Nothing is included in an item by accident which is why it is sailor style with a story.

Patterns for Sailor Sam's designs have been made by some of my favourite cutters- who have worked on amazing Australian Theatre, Opera and Films such as The Great Gatsby and Australia. They are experts in their field and ensure that every piece of Small Sailor Wear is filled with love from the moment the first design sketches are drawn until it is being worn by your special sailor.

I look forward to sharing the coming styles process and inspirations as well as sharing adventures on the high seas finding the hidden fabrics, trims and buttons that come together to create all of the pieces in the collection.

Keep your eyes on the horizon sailors, the best is yet to come

Sailor Sam xo